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My Bio

Hi guys! My name is Sophia Somebody. I am not giong to tell you my real name because you people could stalk me and stuff. If one of you people are Josh Groban than I'll email my name, phone number, and address so you can stalk me all you like. My faveorite thing in the world is to be next to a warm fire, reading my faveorite novel (The Phantom of the Opera or Deception, a Phantom of the Opera novel) and listening to Josh Groban in the background. Hey, if you are a Grobanite and I've chatted with you message me! I love getting mail. And I'll always respond. :)
May 1 2007 Sup guys! I found this on the captions thread and I had to remember the pledge to Grobania right? I mean, my citzenship test is comming up soon. LOL Also, happy May day! *leaves basket full of pixie sticks to the Random Llama.*
"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the mighty state of Grobania... And to the Big Dork for wich it stands, One website under the Higher Power of your choice, Indivisible, with liberty & Justice for all."
July 3, 2007 Anyone who is reading my profile, check this out! I just did a new thread about "A Different Side of Life" which is a screenplay that has become popular on the boards. Please check out the website that is posted in "A Different Side of Life" FANS! LOOK HERE! thread on "Other Topics". Thank you. :D Have a happy 4th of July!
August 28th 2007
Hey everyone! What's up? I wonder how Josh is doing. He never seems to post anymore. :( We miss you Joshie! Please post. I kudoed you. If anyone ever sees a new Josh post, message me! I gotta see it or I won't believe you. Also please check out the "Mr. Groban Please Please Read" thread on "Gorbanite Discussion". It's basically my attempt to reach out to Josh and tell him how he's been a miracle worker in our lives. Yes, I know you're not an angel, I know you're not a hero, you're just a man Josh but still! You're so dang awesome. Please post, that's all I'm saying. Feel free to message me too. (That goes for anyone of you Grobies!) So, see you around peeps! :D
November 2nd 2007
I would like to say thank you to the ones who have been supporting me lately. I had something very tramatic happen to me two weeks ago. It was a very hard to thing to over come, but thanks to some very special people on here I have had the stregnth to get through the week. I love them all and I want to say, grobie sisters of Sophia, you guys are amazing. This year, I have met amazing people in my drama group (and one very cute guy)! But you Grobies will always be the ones who I can come to. It is hard for me to make friends, and here is why. I have decided to go public on Yuku with this. I have autisim. It is hard for me to relate to people and it is hard for me to be in a social group. I have always been intrested in things most kids are not (Phantom of the Opera, Broadway, Josh Groban image, and Fred Astire) so that makes it extra hard. I feel like I belong here.
I have autisim, and it doesn't define who I am. When I say I am autistic, it just seems to sum everything up about me. No! I am not just an autistic girl that couldn't talk until she was three. I am also, an actor, singer, writer, dancer, dreamer, wisher, Christain, Grobanite, Grobie Sister, lover, and fighter. But most importantly, I am Sophia Rose: human being. I may have been through some tough things in my life but that doesn't mean I cannot overcome. I have; and for those of you who said I couldn't, stick those cruel words and doubts some place where the sun don't shine!
I am Sophia Rose: and I am a winner.
And you guys are too. Remember, Jesus and God loves you. And so does Sophia!
~ Sophia of the Rose
November 10th 2007
Hey guys! Just making a shout out to see what's up? I can't wait to see Josh during the Christmas parade, it's going to fantastic!
~ Sophia of the Rose
March 22nd 2008
Hey guys, get this. I heard Josh is gonna be in "The Phantom of the Opera" in London during the summer. If you wanna talk about it, go to this link. I made a thread called "The Phantom and Josh Thread". If you're interested, check it out!
~ Sophia

March 16, 2009
Wow, it's been a year since I've updated. I'm super bored. It's spring break over here, and I am just looking out for Josh news. I'm on the chat link on the Josh Groban Forum, so please let's talk!
~ Sophia

My Occupation

Hundred percent Grobanite

My Hobbies

Hanging with friends, writing poems, singing, and trying to get through school alive. :) Singing Josh stuff and acting in plays.

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